Whether you’re looking for an all-time reliable analogue solution, a sleek and lightweight digital radio or a comprehensive PTT GSM system that enables real time fleet and personnel management for true global communications, Uni-Comm has a device to fit your business needs.

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Communication Systems

Uni-Comm can offer versatile solutions from; Portable radios for personnel, mobile radios for any vehicles like passenger vehicles, large trucks, mining vehicles/machinery and motorcycles and base radios for your offices, control rooms or any static point for more efficient communication between sites, Uni-Comm is also proud suppliers of analogue, digital, trunking and PTT GSM communication solutions.

Guard & Staff Management

Uni-Comm now also offers multiple and versatile solutions for each unique industry ranging from; electronic management systems, tracking systems, live incident reporting systems, patrol equipment, night vision equipment, alcohol and drug Testing Equipment, Lighting (Solar to Security) Equipment, Video Alarm Solutions, Drones and related services. Uni-Comm is building there product range daily and invite anyone to contact us to source equipment or solutions for them, no matter the industry.

Site Management Systems

Being on top of every aspect of your sites, buildings, plants or yards can be difficult and Uni-Comm now offers solutions to drive and maintain this with ease. Uni-Comm can supply live incident reporting equipment to help manage your sites. Uni-Comm also has a big range of mobile video alarm equipment, lighting from solar to security to general lighting and flashlights. 

Other Systems

Uni-Comm has access to a large supplier data base that we can use to assist you with all your onsite requirements including and not limited to metal detectors and anti jamming detector systems, electronic locks with reporting and many more. Uni-Comm also has access to products and suppliers that can assist your staff and management on site to ease and assist with workflow, from alcohol and drug test equipment, night vision and other related visual solutions.

Repeater Stations

A repeater station is a relay station that receives a signal and transmits it from a higher position or high site thus increasing the coverage area of a radio in the field by up to five times. Uni-Comm has a large number of ComReps (community repeaters) on high site locations that was specifically chosen to provide the largest possible coverage area. We can also install your own repeater station if your requirement is for a larger area like a mine or farm.


Uni-Comm is now a supplier of the DJI Drone product line and is also a fully licensed commercial drone operator through our partnership with RPAS Consulting holding both an Air Services License from the Department of Transport and an ROC(RPAS Operators Certificate) from the SACAA(South African Civil Aviation Authority). We are also authorised to fly:

  • BVLOS(Beyond Visual Line of Site)
  • Over roads and people
  • On National Key Points
  • Close or at an Aerodrome
  • Night flights

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